Respecting God

Yesterday I listened to a deep sermon that truly blessed me and really made me think.  As I listened to the pastor preach about Martha disrespecting Jesus and how we disrespect God, I thought about the many times I myself have disrespected God.

As the pastor broke down the story of Jesus coming to Mary and Martha’s house in a way I’ve never heard before, I was finally able to fully understand its purpose and its meaning.  I’d always questioned Martha’s behaviour and the way she spoke to Jesus, but I had never realised or even considered that she was disrespecting Jesus.

How an earth could Martha disrespect Jesus, who was the guest of honour in her household and was sitting in front of many people?  Not only that, but how was Martha trying to control things and command Jesus so that she could get what she wanted?

Martha exposed her true personality and her empty motives that day, which I am now able to see.  Instead of letting Jesus take care of things, she was trying to take care of everything herself and command him in the process.  Instead of sitting at Jesus’s feet, just like her sister Mary, Martha had taken herself to another room to prepare dinner.

Martha was thinking more about what she could do for Jesus instead of thinking about what He could do for her, which applies to many of us today.  We prefer to focus on what we can do for Jesus, rather than sitting at His feet and letting him take care of everything else.

We continuously worry about the various areas our lives and then try to fix them ourselves.  I can put my hands up and say I am guilty of this, as I am constantly worrying about my career, my education, my relationships, my bank account and numerous other aspects of my life.

I am regularly fearful about things going wrong and I stress over potential problems.  I am always trying to control everything, saying prayers like I’m letting God take care of it when really I’m just trying to find the solutions on my own.  I’ve disrespected God on many occasions by trying to give Him commands about what he should do for my life and getting angry when I haven’t gotten what I want.

Yet I seem to forget the most important thing.  I need to let go and let God, because God’s got me.  I need to give everything over to God, because He’s got a plan for my life and He knows exactly what I need before I even know it.  And I need to sit at my Jesus’s feet and trust that He will take care of everything else…


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