Past Relationships

Deep, true words that we can relate to. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

think and speak peace

Not bringing your worries, assumptions, expectations, and the like from your past relationships into your new relationships is a hard habit to break. When you spend years feeling a certain way, or going through a certain situation, it is easy for your mind to assume the same position even with a new person. Subjecting your new significant other to these troubles can be taxing, but the right person will be understanding and help you to wipe these old habits clean. You may have not known where you stood in your past relationship, causing you to constantly feel uneasy, not knowing what would come next. Your last partner may have always been looking for the next best thing, leading you to believe that all you had was only temporary until they found it. Maybe after a bad breakup you were forced to build walls to contain any feelings or comfort you…

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