Something Lost

Today I lost an earring.  For some reason, this really upset me and I was vex for a long time.  I prayed that I’d find it, I retraced my steps and I asked around, but I just could not find it.

Maybe I was so upset, because this was the first earring I’ve lost.  Perhaps it got to me so much, because I had a lot of love for them and I always dreamed about wearing silver hoops when I got ears pierced.  Or maybe it was because I knew I could have got a lot more wears out of them, as they were good quality earrings.

Either way, it has left me feeling very upset and now I will have to replace them.  However, there was obviously a reason for me not finding my earring and you know what, there are far more important things in life.  I’ll just have to say goodbye to my silver hoop and move on, because it’s out of my life forever…

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