Fashion Fanatic

Today I’ve decided to embrace my fashion side by getting something off my chest that has been playing on my mind for a long period of time now.  In this day and age, people are so influenced by the media and obsessed with keeping up with the latest fashions, that they follow every single trend.

These individuals become fashion fanatics, who buy any item of clothing or particular accessory that is on trend for that season or period of time.  However, the main problem with this is that not every item of clothing that is on trend suits every person who wears it.  People will wear clothes that don’t suit their height, shape or skin tone just to stay in fashion and fit in with those around them by dressing like them.

Most of the trends that are in high-street stores have trickled down from the catwalks, which showcase garments that are worn by tall, thin women who usually lack curves.  This poses another problem, as most customers who buy from high street stores are not shaped like these women, which means that the clothes will not sit the same way on them.

Yet what gets to me most is that so many females are walking around looking the same; they turn from fashion fanatics into fashion clones.  There are a lack of individuals with their own personal style, which has led to numerous females walking around in not only the same shoes and clothes, but also having the same hairstyles and accessories.  It is so bad that I keep thinking I see one of my friends who has adopted the “urban chic” look, but when I get closer I can see that the girl in front of me clearly isn’t my friend.

I am so tired of walking around and seeing individuals looking the same, it’s boring.  And I can’t stand to see people wearing clothes that don’t suit them, it’s just an annoyance.  I want there to be less fashion fanatics, less fashion clones and more fashion individuals.

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