Long & Beautiful

I’ve said before that I like them tall.  I’ve expressed that I have a weakness for lighties.  But I’ve never actually gone into what my favourite feature on a guy is, so for all my amazing friends that got this wrong, this is for you.

My favourite feature on a guy is long hair, and when I say long hair I mean beautiful long hair.  Beautiful long hair that looks healthy, silky, soft, shiny, and well looked after.

I should want to reach out and touch the hair because it looks so gorgeous, and if I know you well enough I will reach out and touch it.  The hair should also suit the face of the guy who has it, because there is nothing worse than seeing a guy with long hair that don’t suit him.

I go crazy for long, thick curly hair pulled back into a ponytail, just like R-Tizt from the Luminities, whose hair is so lovely.  I love when the hair is in sleek, fresh looking cornrows, like Kawhi Leonard from the San Antonio Spurs or one of my friends who has the most amazing hair.

I’ve also got a big thing for guys with long, thinner, pristine looking dreadlocks, quite like the athlete Jason Richardson or Lil Wayne when his hair looks in a good condition.  However, I don’t really like afros, which is one form of long hair that I don’t go for.

I don’t mind if the hair is just past the shoulders or down the back.  I don’t mind if it is naturally curly or naturally wavy.  I don’t mind if the hair is crazy thick or just a little bit thinner.  I don’t mind if the hair is in plaits, cornrows, twists, a ponytail or fresh dreadlocks.

I’m just really in love with long hair and I get proper excited when I see a guy with long hair that suits him.  A gorgeous smile could brighten up my day and pretty eyes are lovely to look at, but nothing makes me happier than beautiful long hair that I can run my hands through.



  1. LOL it isn’t particularly enlightened but it’s honest! We all have our preferences when it comes to the opposite sex or lovers. If this is what it is for you, enjoy the hair 😉

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