A Great Tutor

During my two years at university, I had the privilege of being taught by a someone brilliant.  Unfortunately, he was only my tutor for my final two terms, but the impact he had on me was so large that I felt he had been my tutor for the whole two years.  Although I was a little unsure of him at first, I saw that he was only pushing us as his students, because he wanted to get the best out of us and develop our work to a higher level.

When I struggled with my work and believed that I was not improving, he would offer the constructive criticism I needed to take my work further, while giving words of encouragement.  Even though I thought I was not improving, he would tell me that I was and this would make me feel slightly more positive about carrying out my assignments.

Although he was hard on us and pushed us out of our comfort zones, he was funny and could lighten the mood when necessary, especially when I seemed really upset about a piece of work we were discussing.

He was also extremely understanding when I explained the reasons to him for not being able to carry on the course anymore, as he saw that it was better for me to be out doing what I love, instead of staying on a course that was making me unhappy.

I think he was one of the very few people who really understood where I was coming from straight away – my tutor saw that I was doing what was good for me and what would truly make me happy, and he accepted that.

Although I am upset that my tutor won’t be able to see my final project after all of his guidance and I feel that I have let him down slightly by not seeing the course through, I could sense that he was happy for me for figuring out what I want to do with my life.   He let me know that he wishes me all the best for the future and hopes to see one of my books on the shelf one day, which gives me a boost of confidence, as I can see that he believes in me.

My tutor said that it was a pleasure to teach me, and you know what, it was my pleasure to have him as a tutor.  I will miss his guidance and sense of humour, but he is now part of the closed chapter in my life.  All I can say now is farewell to a really great tutor…


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