What If?

‘What If?’ is a really beautiful song by James Fortune & FIYA that makes you think, as you listen to the different questions that are sung in the first two verses.  These are questions we may ask ourselves or they are some of the difficult situations we as humans find ourselves in.

I find this song emotional and hard-hitting, as it touches on the bad points that many of us struggle with, but as Christians, don’t want to talk about.  We avoid issues like abortion, suicide and being transgender, but they are real and there are people who need to talk or hear about it.  This particular song does and I love that.

I think it goes even deeper when the singer asks: “Would He love me / Would He forgive me / Would He save me / And dare to use me”. Hearing and even reading these lines stirs up a lot of emotion in me, as there are so many of us that think God doesn’t love us or wouldn’t save us, because of the sins we commit and the bad actions we carry out.

God’s love is amazing and He is able to save every single one of us.  I know this, because without God’s love and saving grace, I would not be here today, as I was one of those suicidal individuals and the only life I wanted to take was mine.

However, the song ends in a wonderful, positive way that is full of praise, bringing tears of joy to my eyes.  The words sung are: “I don’t know everything / But this one thing I’m sure of / The blood of Jesus can make any sinner pure”.  I believe these words and I think they are so uplifting, especially when I am struggling or having doubts.  It would be lovely if more of us had these lyrics on our hearts, as it could create more positivity.

The final part of the song is powerful, strong and full of life.  I can hear the happiness in the voices of the choir as they sing: “Yes He loves you / He will forgive you / He will save you / He’ll even use you”.  I think that this is my favourite part of the song, not just because of the joyous way it is sung, but because of the strong message that is being conveyed using four simple lines.

The lyrics that make up these four lines are easy to remember, so they stick in my mind and I find myself singing them on numerous occasions.  I think there is nothing better than knowing that God loves me, He will forgive me, He will save me and even use me, despite all of the mistakes I’ve made and bad things I’ve done.

This song says that and so much more; it is a blessing that brings joy to my ears every time I hear it.  Despite of all my issues, doubts, problems and ‘what ifs’, I am sure that God loves me unconditionally and will always be there to save me, which really is all that matters.


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