Will I

Will I ever fully get my motivation back?

Will I ever truly love working in fashion again?

Will I feel like I finally fit in at my university for my final year there?

Will I let my peers and lecturers see who I truly am?

Will I finally figure out who I actually am and who I’m meant to be?

Will I ever truly be at one with myself?

Will I get my confidence back and become the forward female I once was?

Will I be able to find a way to boost my self-esteem and start believing in myself?

Will I figure out a way to stop caring so much about what others think?

Will I stop getting so easily angered, irritated and annoyed any time soon?

Will I eventually be ale to trust people again?

Will I be able to find a way to open up and express myself effectively?

Will I ever have the courage to tell him that I loved him more than he’d ever know?

Will I ever have the opportunity to speak to him again and tell him that I actually liked him?

Will I get the chance to meet and marry the love of my life?

Will God send the love of my life to me anytime soon?

Will I allow God to truly take control of my life?

Will I continue to have faith in God, no matter what happens?

Will I have what it takes to become the person that God wants me to be?

Will I allow myself to become the best I can be???



  1. The kinds of questions we all ask ourselves at various points, especially as we wrap up our sojourn through university. Keep the faith, none of us ever know what ours will be, but one thing is certain: your future awaits. Be the person inside you want to be. Peace. 🙂

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