Being happy has always been important to me and after talking some things through, I realised just how important being happy actually is to me.

As I’ve struggled over the years and faced my dark days, I have always looked forward to the better days when I would feel bright and cheerful.  For a number of my birthdays, before I’ve blown out the candles, I’d make a wish for happiness throughout that year, as I wanted to be happy so badly.

There are many times when I’d seem happy to those around me, because I’d always wear a smile on my face, but I was actually hurting inside or crying behind the smile.  Those around me, specifically those that don’t really know me, would think that I am a joyous person all of the time, but there are a lot of times when it is put on.

However, when I am genuinely happy and in a good place, it shows, not only by how I smile but also by my actions and how I speak.  If my happiness is genuine, my smile is not only big and bright, but my eyes also shine merrily, which makes my smile real.

Putting on the facade of being happy can be tiring at times; I’d rather the feeling was real, as happiness is really important to me.  I want to stop all the negativity and move on from whatever is holding me back, so that I can be genuinely happy and so those around me can see it too.



  1. I think I can related to what you have just written here as I have been going through the same self analysis at times and now I am actually accepting all the emotions with same passion or atleast trying to 🙂

  2. Happiness as an emotion is transient, we all get down sometimes and don’t always feel like smiling. Happiness as a state of mind is lasting – being at peace with oneself and who we are. We can smile and be miserable, like you imply. And we can be really angry or sad or joyful for a while, and still be happy overall. I wish you all the genuine happiness you desire. Peace.

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