The Curse is Broken

Listening to gospel music always uplifts me and the powerful lyrics really inspire me.  When I’m feeling a little lost and hear a particular song or when God sends a song to my mind when I need it most, it is an amazing feeling and a big smile appears on my face.

A powerful song that has a special message is ‘The Curse is Broken’ by James Fortune & FIYA.  This is a song that can relate to absolutely anybody, and you cannot help but close your eyes and sing the lyrics with feeling, as you feel the song touching your heart.

I especially love the chorus, as it sums up the overall song in a few simple, but extremely meaningful and strong lines.  The first part of the chorus goes: “The curse is broken/ My past can’t hold me/ I’m more than a conqueror/ That’s what He told me”.

I love these lines so much and they mean a lot to me, especially during this time of my life, as I aim to face up to my problems so that the past does not repeat itself or continue to affect me.

By confronting my problems with God by my side, I will be able to conquer them and become the person He wants me to be.  God knows that I have the potential, but I just need to believe it myself and break the curse of low self-esteem and self-belief.  My past won’t hold me back any more.

The chorus then continues: “The curse is broken/ My body’s healed/ The devil’s a liar/ It’s in His will”.  I know that I am broken and damaged, scarred and hurt, but God is healing me so that I will be made whole again.

Although this is a work in process, I can already feel God working in my life and singing the words “My body’s healed” gives me such an uplifting feeling, as I look forward to the completion.

I cannot help but sing, “The devil’s a liar/ It’s in His will”, with extra conviction and my hand raised in the air, because I truly believe that the devil is a liar and God has a will for my life.

The devil has brought nothing but trouble into my life; he wants me to believe that I am nobody special and will amount to nothing, but I know this is not true.  I am God’s child, so I am special in His eyes, and He has a great plan for my life, so I will definitely amount to something.

Singing these powerful words of praise and truly believing them will make the devil run, because he hates to hear our praises.  It also gives me an inner strength, as I take the words into my heart and know that the Lord is guiding me.

“My past, is not who I am/ The curse is broken in my life”




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