The Heat

The heat wave in Britain over these past few weeks has been a little crazy and quite unexpected.  It’s been nice to finally get a good dose of sunshine, because I’m crazy about the sun, bu I have not been entirely happy about the heat.

The heat in England is really weird, mainly because we are a cooler country that is used to a lot of rain.  We don’t get the nice dry heat from some other countries.  Instead, the humidity is high and you start to sweat very quickly.

It has also been extremely hot when inside; at most times, it has been hotter inside than outside.  Because we don’t get a lot of hot weather and heatwaves don’t happen very often, the majority of our houses and other buildings don’t have air conditioning, which can be a killer in this type of weather.

London is also very polluted, which is a situation that is made worse during hot weather.   The fumes and germs just seem to get caught up in the air, making it feel a little thicker.  When I went out yesterday, all I could think was: this air is not fresh.  This cannot be good for anyone.

I caught the flu for the second time within a month during this heat wave, but my cough just will not go away.  My throat still feels annoying and tickly, and it feels like there is cold on my chest, which is not a very nice feeling.

The heat and dirty air does not seem to be having a good effect on my throat and cough at all, which is a slight annoyance at times, but it could be worse.  I also find myself getting randomly breathless after walking short distances and climbing the stairs, which is weird for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer, I love the sun and I love warm weather.  In fact, I did love hot weather, but the heat in this country is just so weird, I don’t know how much I love the heat anymore…


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