This World

This world is a crazy place.  We live in a time when so many die young, at the hands of other young people and that demon called ‘Drugs’.  We cannot do much as the system crumbles, allowing the rich to get richer and preventing justice from being served.

Parents attack and kill their children, adults sexually abuse innocent babies and older individuals are being found that have been held hostage since their childhood.

Abortion is becoming common place, we are thinking about giving 15-year-old girls the morning after pill, when they are not even the legal age to have sex, and STDs are running rife.  Many guys cannot even consider a relationship without sex and a number of females give into having sex just to keep their men.

Religion is being tossed to the side and viewed as old-fashioned, in order for certain groups of people to get their own way.  Manners, common courtesy and respect seem to be disappearing, as individuals appear to lose sight of morals and a sense of decency.

Marriage is becoming a joke, university graduates are struggling to find employment and cancer is killing of so many.  Women are shot for speaking out about educational rights, countries are in ridiculous amounts of debt, and poverty is still unnecessarily high.  Wars are continuously breaking out, natural disasters occur on a regular basis, whilst terror attacks and random murders are seemingly becoming more frequent.

As I look at this crazy world and think about what a horrible place it has become, I realise that God is slowly, but surely, removing his presence from the earth.  He’s getting ready for his second coming, where all the madness, hurt and pain will be washed away, and replaced with a perfect beautiful home that we cannot comprehend.

I look forward to that great day, but for now, I’ll just have to endure living among all the chaos and be the best God wants me to me, as I believe my Lord is the light in all this darkness…


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