Decently Average

This is a powerful poem with beautiful words that sum up how I feel a lot of the time

A 'Penny' for her thoughts

You say I am beautiful, I know you lie.
You try to compliment me, it just makes me cry.
I know I’m not special, so stop saying I am.
I know I’m not perfect, so stop saying I am.
I’m just a decently average kind of girl.
I’m more like paper than a pearl.
There is nothing special about me.
Don’t tell me different, I plea.
I’m just an average ‘joe’.
I never put on a show.
I keep to myself behind my brick wall.
Because there I am safe and will never fall.
You say one day I will finally see.
That something is special about me.
I’m sorry but you are wrong.
These thoughts and feelings are too strong.
To be changed or convince otherwise.
Maybe you should see if through my eyes.
I’m just this girl who plods along.
Your thoughts on me are very wrong.

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