How I See the World

I see the world in a different way to many others around me.  There are situations where people agree that they would have to be looking through my eyes to see what I see.  It really comes down to me trying to see the good and beauty, in what has become such a cruel and ugly world.

I always try to see the good in people, even when others don’t.  There is always something more to a person’s story and not everyone is completely bad, as life is not just black and white – there are always shades of grey.  All bad people have good them, just as all good people have bad in them.

A good friend of mine is in prison for setting a trap that led to a young man being killed, which was a case that was widely publicised in the country I live in.  She was portrayed as a cold and heartless person, which is how people came to see her, but I knew her personally and how she was portrayed is not who she was.  My friend is funny and caring with a good heart, who showed my sister and I nothing but kindness.

Although I don’t like what my friend was involved in, I love her despite her mistakes and I will stand by her no matter what.  When I tell some people I am writing to her, they are surprised, because they don’t believe that there is a shred of good in her and they think she is a horrible person.  However, they don’t know the full story and they have no right to judge; they should try to look past all of the media hype and understand that I am being there for someone who still has a lot of good in them.

One of my best friends is quite a bitchy and rude individual, and I’m not afraid to say it, which is why it surprises a lot of people that we are so close – I’ve regularly heard that we are a weird fit.  My best friend has some bad traits and we have differing personalities, but this does not matter to me, because she has a number of good traits that I value and others don’t get to see.  She is loyal, funny, brutally honest, always there for me and she never holds back when telling me what I need to hear.  We may be an unlikely fit, but she is there for me when many friends are not and I know she has my best interests at heart.

There is also one particular guy who is a friend of mine, but I seem to have a very different view of him than most of the people around me.  We are not close, but I’ve got a lot of love for him, even a soft spot you could say.  He has some bad qualities, just like everyone else, but I think that he is such a nice person, who deep down has a really good heart.  However, most people I speak to just don’t agree with me.  I personally think they need spend a little more time speaking to him and getting to know him better, then they might see him a little differently.

I also happen to think that he has a gorgeous face, having grown into it as he has gotten older, but not many people agree with me on this fact either.  However, this is something that I am used to, because I see the beauty in people, which many do not notice or agree with.  I do not think anyone is ugly and I belive that everyone is pretty in their own way.  Whenever I look at an individual, I try to see at least one attractive feature, as everyone has one.

I think that Teyona from Series 12 of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ is beautiful and I believe that Allison from the same series is very pretty, despite people saying that they have weird faces.  However, I think that their beauty is not the traditional kind that many others see.

Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett and Lady Gaga are also not traditional beauties, but there is something lovely about their faces that I see, but others don’t.  I don’t think Rihanna is as beautiful as everyone thinks she is, but I think that Nicki Minaj is really pretty, especially when she strips back all of the loud hair and make up.

Brittney Griner is a basketball player with a beautiful face, but so many individuals don’t see it and they won’t see it, because they can’t look past her 6’8 frame and androgynous style, which really bothers me.  There are a lot of very pretty female basketball players, but individuals can be so close-minded that they don’t see the beauty they possess, especially if it is not of the traditional kind.

Yet at the end of the day, I think that personality is far more important than a how a person looks.  A great personality and good heart makes a person prettier and more attractive, as it shines through and makes them all the more loveable to be around.  There is nothing worse than a really good-looking individual with a cocky attitude or horrible personality, as it just makes them less appealing and ends up cancelling out their good looks.

There is a phrase I love in the Bible that sums up much of what I believe, which is as follows: “for man looks at outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”.  We need to spend more time focusing on someone’s personality rather than their appearance and trying to see more of the good in people.  Remember, never judge a book by its cover…

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