I was speaking to my sister the other day and she said that “it must be funny being me”, because of the questions I get asked.  However, I didn’t agree with this.  It is not actually funny being asked some of the questions I get asked, because I am the person on the receiving end.

During my two years at sixth form, I was continuously mistaken for being a lot younger than I actually was.  One teacher asked how I got away with wearing a purple plaid skirt, so I had to explain that I was a sixth former.  During a school mufti day, another teacher thought that I was in the years 7-9 and a girl in about year 8 actually thought I was in Year 7.  I am short and I do have quite a young face, and while I am used to people questioning my age, it was just getting to the ridiculous stage.

It was also pretty weird when a man working in a train station saw me tapping in my student oyster card, and then questioned why I was using that particular oyster card, as he thought that I was under 18 and not in university.  However, he then decided to chat me up, because I made it clear that I was eighteen and he realised that I was not a child.  I found this quite strange and it bothered me slightly, because I could not work out why a big man would want to date a young lady of eighteen, who looks like a child in his eyes.

However, the questions that really gets on my nerves are when people ask me: “Why are you so short” and “Why is your sister taller than you”?  I really want to turn around and say to them, “Why is your hair black?” or something.  How an earth am I supposed to know why I’m short or why my sister is taller than me??  It’s just the way God made me and if they want to know the answer, they’ll have to ask God in Heaven.

At twenty years old, I am still being questioned about my age and my height, but I grin and bear it, as I can’t spend my whole life getting annoyed about insignificant little things.  At the end of the day, there will always be someone who will ask you pointless, annoying questions, but you cannot control that.  The only thing you can control is your answers…


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