Being Me

Being yourself is the most important thing in the world, as it not only makes you who you are, but it also lets others truly see who you truly are.

There are times when I have struggled with truly being me and letting others see who I am, because I wanted to feel like I belong or be the person others around would want me to be.

However, after taking a long hard look at myself, I figured out who I really was and also realised that only those close to me need to see particular aspects of my personality.

Nevertheless, I will never deny what I like and don’t like or change my opinions, just to impress those around me or fit in with a particular group of people.

I’m a vegetarian and my favourite TV show is ‘The Tribe’.  I’ve kept the Barbie dolls from my childhood, because I love them and I don’t like cheese, so I like to make cheese-less pizzas.  These are just some facts that make me who I am and I will never deny that, but there are some who would, because they are worried about what others may think.

I love what makes me who I am and I will never stop being me for anyone.  It is the key to happiness and being content.


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