Mind Block

There are situations that occur in my life, which I put to the back of my mind.  I do not think about them, I avoid bringing them up and I do not talk about them unless I absolutely have to.

I block them out to make it seem like they never even happened, but I believe that I am over the situation.  However, after some consideration and talking to the person who knows me better than anyone, I realised that I am not fully over my various experiences.

By refusing to not only talk about what I may have been through, but even think about it, I have not faced up to what I have been through.

I see now that I really need to face up to the uncomfortable, difficult and upsetting situations in my life, otherwise I will never fully get over them and they will continue to haunt my future.

A mind block is never a good thing when all it’s doing is holding you back.  What is it that is holding you back???


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