Our Generation

As I look at our generation today, I really worry about our future.  How are we supposed to become leaders?  And how will we set a good example to our children?

I look around and I am confused to see little children running their parents.  Too many children are being spoilt and dictating what their parents do in their everyday lives.  They throw a silly tantrum and their parents give into their wants.  Parents will miss out on activities they enjoy, because their children want to play, but their children are old enough to accompany them.

I’ve also noticed that over the years, so many rules and regulations have been put in place that at times, parents seem afraid to seriously discipline their children.  Parents can’t give their child a quick slap without being accused of child abuse, but a quick slap is not child abuse.

I was slapped as a child when I did something wrong and it never did me any harm, but it did make me think again before I went to do something wrong.  The discipline my parents showed me also led me to respect them, which is a trait lacking in many of the young people today.

Many young people do not respect their parents within the corners of their home, so they are definitely not going to respect those they encounter outside of the home.

As I go about my everyday life, I see young people bumping into others without saying sorry, asking for things without using the words ‘Please’ or ‘Thank You’, and talking to their elders in an unecessarily rude manner.  This really unnerves me, as I wonder how they will treat and speak to others when they become older.  Are these actions and mannerisms that they are going to pass on to their children?

I also hate the disrespect young males show to females when they speak to them and try to approach them.  Instead of using words like ‘Excuse me’, they use words like ‘Oi’ and ‘Come here’.  Some will even beckon you to them, and that is not the way they should approach a female they are interested in.

Too many young males do not know how to approach a female properly and with the respect she deserves, which leads to rejection.  This rejection may also lead further disrespect in the form of a snide and pointless comment by the male in question, such as “You’re ugly anyways” or “They’re just little girls”.  And if this is the case, why even try to approach the female in the first place?  Perhaps if more young males showed respect, then they may get better responses.  Would they want any guy talking to their daughter in this way?

Many young people seem to not only disrespect those around them, but they also disrespect themselves.  Young men and women walk around with little pride in their appearance and their speech, but then want to complain about how people perceive them.  Females sleep around but wonder why they can’t find love and males get involved with petty criminal activities, but want to be taken seriously.

These are just some of the issues I see present in our generation today, among others, but I am sure there are differing issues and opinions you may see and I’d love for you to share them…


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